Current Elected Officials:

City of Tumwater
Nicole Hill, Councilmember
Joan Cathey, Councilmember
Neil McClanahan, Councilmember
Tom Oliva, Councilmember
Debbie Sullivan, Councilmember
Eileen Swarthout, Councilmember

City of Lacey
Andy Ryder, Mayor
Cynthia Pratt, Councilmember and Deputy Mayor
Michael Steadman, Councilmember

City of Olympia
Cheryl Selby, Mayor
Jim Cooper, Councilmember
Julie Hankins, Councilmember
Nathanial Jones, Councilmember
Clark Gilman, Councilmember
Jeannine Roe, Councilmember

Other Current Elected Officials
Sam Hunt, State Senator, 22nd District
Laurie Dolan, State Representative, 22nd District
Beth Doglio, State Representative, 22nd District
Chris Reykdal, Superintendent of Public Instruction and a Tumwater resident
Jeff Gadman, Thurston County Treasurer
E.J. Zita, Port of Olympia Commissioner
Kim Reykdal, Tumwater School Board
Russ Olsen, Thurston PUD Commissioner
Jay Wood, Tumwater School Board President
JW Foster, Yelm Mayor

Former Elected Officials:
Ralph Osgood, Former Tumwater Mayor
Sharon Carrier, Former Tumwater Councilmember
Suzanne Cofer, Former Tumwater Councilmember
Walt Jorgensen, Former Tumwater Councilmember
Wayne Williams, Former Tumwater Councilmember
Jerome W Morrissette, Former Tumwater Councilmember
Karen Fraser, Former State Senator, 22nd District
Steven Buxbaum, Former Olympia Mayor
Bob Jacobs, Former Olympia Mayor
Bob Jensen, Former Lacey Councilmember
Karen Valenzuela, Former Thurston County Commissioner
Karen Messmer, Former Olympia Councilmember
Sandra Romero, Former Thurston County Commissioner
Bob Barclift, Former Tumwater school board member
Sandi Gray, Former Tumwater school board member
Shawn Myers, Former Thurston County Treasurer
Jim Lazar, Former PUD Commissioner
Sue Gunn, Former Port of Olympia Commissioner

The Olympian
Thurston County Realtors
Thurston County Democratic Women
Thurston Environmental Voters
Washington Conservation Voters
Washington Federation of State Employees, Locals 443 and 872
Thurston Lewis Mason Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Thurston County Young Democrats

Tumwater Board and Commission Members:
Terry Bullock, Parks & Rec Commissioner
Amy Hargrove, Parks & Rec Commissioner
Margaret Bean, Civil Service Commissioner
Trent Grantham, Parks & Rec Commissioner
Nancy Stevenson, Planning Commissioner
Joel Hansen, Planning Commissioner
Michael Althauser, Planning Commissioner
Terry Kirkpatrick, Planning Commissioner
Marnie Slakey, Historical Commission
Josephine Geiger, Tumwater’s Crime stoppers representative

Local Residents
Ross and Donna Allen
Doug Baker, Former Tumwater City Administrator
Bob Barnes
Harriet Beale
John Carpenter, Former Tumwater Fire Chief
Don Chalmers
Chris Chapman
Margaret Clifford
Don Cofer
Mike and Kathy Crowe
John Daly
Steve Diddy
Carol Dorn
Lee Doyle
Mariam Duerr
Karol and Denis Ericksen
Nancy Faaren
Christie Garst
Gayla Gjertsen
Ann Hansen
Marlyce Hansen
Sarah Hansen
Frank Hensley
Ted and Irene Hulbert
Doug Johnston
Johathan Kaplan
Paul Knight
Jim Knudson
Carol Kraege
Carol Layton
Wayne Lieb
Lonnie Lowe
Paul Marchant
Craig McCormack
Ann and Rick McNeely
John and Kathy Moore
Busse Nutley
Jim Oberlander
Peter Overton
Jim and Kathy Peterson
Dave and Sylvia Raatz
Dave and Cathi Reed
John Rosenburg
Don and Alice Sampson
Charles and Nancy Schneider
Tom Schrader
Scott Schoengarth
Steven and Sarah Segal
Jay Sheppard
Jim Slakey
Melanie Stewart
Christy Upton
Marty Werner
Linton Wildrick
Nancy Winters
Joe and Charlene Witczak
Ryann Woods
Peggy Jo Zimmerman

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